Saturday, October 25, 2008

How Your Packaging Can Encourage Repeat Business

A customer took me to school recently. We were designing a new packaging program for their store. A question came up about imprinting their out packer. "Imprinting that packer will cost a dime, Mike", I added. Mike chuckled.

"You know how much we spend to package our products, Bob? First, every jewel we sell over $500 goes into one of your pretty, purple boxes. We then wrap that box with pretty gift wrap, and tie it with a ribbon. That box gets wrapped in tissue, and is placed in one of your shoppers, along with a private label bottle of Champagne and a fresh-cut, long stemmed rose. It costs us $17 to package each jewel we sell, so the cost of imprinting that packer is of no consequence to me."

"Why would you do that?", I asked. "Well, Bob, consider the husband who purchased those earrings - think about the gift presentation - the pretty box, wrap, bag, Champagne and rose - not to mention the jewel itself - and consider the reception he receives. Think he'll ever come back?"

Lesson learned about repeat business. Have any stories about how packaging created repeat business for you?

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