Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Few Words About Reveal

Every so often lightning strikes, and such is the case with our Reveal Packaging System. Introduced about a year ago, we've placed this in a ton of stores across America, and folks, you really need to give this line a look. A link to more Reveal information is here.

Features: Three lines in one (conventional box line, cardboard box line and soft packaging (pouches and pearl folders)), super-fancy, fully lined Reveal outer packer that can be finished packed with custom Reveal ribbon, eighteen styles, five slightly off-the-wall colors: black (almost metallic looking), green (matte) and purple (between a dark purple and lavender) Silktouch Nuba, and blue (cobalt) and burgundy (could be considered a brown) Skivertex. In-stock for immediate delivery, can be imprinted with your logo, affordably priced.

Benefits: Create a signature packaging look for your store, make your products look like a million bucks, close more sales, reduce returns and generate repeat business.

We just received new shipments today - get yours while quantities last!

Little Black Boxes

We complain too much about commodity colors - black, gray and white - so we'll take this opportunity to offer a disclaimer about about little, black dresses, er, I mean, little, black boxes. Yes, black is a commodity color, and yes, as it relates to your image and branding, we do have this thing against commodity colors.

But like little, black dresses, we love little, black boxes. An American icon - anytime you see a box as a prop in a movie or TV show, it’s black, and it's velvet.

Little black boxes, we love you. Just like little, black dresses.

Choosing the Right Packaging Color

Consider image and branding, and how successful jewelers like Tiffany and Cartier use color to brand their businesses. Or how about the Golden Arches, Big Blue or the iconic Coke can? You're too small for such a treatment? Nonsense - even the smallest jeweler (ask Ed Simonian Jewelers in Chicago) can use color to brand their business. But how do you select that color? Which color is right for you?

First, think fashion. You sell the ultimate fashion accessory. Second, your products are targeted towards women. Third, the colors that make men warm and comfy - black, gray and white - ain't exactly fashionable or feminine. That beautiful, delicate, precious, expensive and fashionable ring - a keepsake - destined to be stuffed into a generic, white box? We can do a lot better than that!

So here's some ideas on how to incorporate some fashionable and feminine color into your packaging - colors that you'll enjoy, too.
  • Trust your gut. You wouldn't believe the number of men who have bonded with our purple Reveal packaging line. If you see it and you like it, run with it!
  • Enlist the help of a woman. While we think that wooden boxes are cool, a woman will show you how soft, draping fabrics and chic colors are the way to the end-user's heart.
  • If you already have a color that you like, consider refreshing it. A new box line or bag can give your existing packaging color a real boost.
  • Look around your store for color cues. Somewhere in your carpet, wall covering or drapes is a color waiting to be discovered.
  • Borrow color cues from cosmetics manufacturers, who spend mega bucks studying what appeals to women. Tour the fragrance department of your favorite department store - notice the beautiful blues, pinks, purples, burgundys, greens, reds, silvers, coppers and aquas, which are perfect for jewelry packaging.
  • Call me. Yes, I'm a guy, but I've been hanging with fashionable women long enough to have acquired a few feminine touches myself (and I say that proudly!). Oh, and I'll send you samples of great colors that will make you comfy, too.
  • And lastly, show your ideas to your family, friends and most importantly, your customers. They'll help you select the right color for your store.

Cool Bag Blurb in INSTORE Magazine

In the September issue of INSTORE magazine, we were interviewed on the subject of shopping bags. The article is called "In The Bag - Maximize your advertising by giving your bags street value", and it's a pretty good primer on getting an effective shopping bag program off the ground. A link to the article is here: http://www.instoremag.com/instore/editorial_detail.asp?eid=2217&iid=122&cid=0&wid=0&text=%&from_page=1.

Also in this issue, we were interviewed about gift wrap and packaging, but I'll be darned if I can find the link. The article features a nice picture of our Purple Reveal packaging line and a few choice comments by yours' truly. Call me at 800-828-2163 and I'll fax you a copy.

Monday, November 24, 2008

American and European Box Styles

We get a lot of questions about American and European box styles, and the differences are quite simple. Essentially, the differences are in shape and outer coverings.

American styled boxes are metal shelled, and feature domed tops and radius corners, like the two pictures to the right. They are covered in a variety of fabrics, including classics like Velvet and Charisma Suede, and fashion-forward fabrics like Vienna and Suisse Elite Leather. Other interesting covering fabrics are Shadow Suede, Flannel and Bengaline. They are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, and can usually be purchased in smaller quantities. Delivery on most American styled boxes is pretty quick, usually two to three weeks.

European styled boxes, like the purple one below, are hard shelled also, but usually have flat tops and square corners. They are covered in a variety of leather-like papers, like Skivertex, Silktouch Nuba and Pellaq. They are most commonly made in the Orient, and accordingly, quality levels for this type of box vary greatly. High quality examples of these boxes are used by some of the finest jewelers in the world.

We stock a cool line of European boxes called Reveal, and these boxes are available in smaller quantities with quick delivery times (call 800-828-2163 for more information). Custom versions of European boxes are available in larger quantities (500 pieces per style) and can take up to 150 days to deliver.

Which style is better? It's impossible to say - there are devotees of both styles. The style that best represents you and your business is the best one to buy, whether it's American Copper Vienna Leather, or European Purple Silktouch Nuba. And we carry both!

Monday, October 27, 2008

When Is It Time To Buy Better Packaging?

No one knows better than me that it's a major PITA to change packaging (printing dies, colors, styles, bags, etc.) and find a new packaging supplier. But change is sometimes good, and fresh, new packaging look can improve your business. Here are some signs that it's time for a change:
  • When was the last time your supplier brought you something new? When was the last time they rattled your cage with a packaging idea that would improve your sales?
  • Are your men’s accessories (key chains, money clips, etc.) packaged in better boxes than your fine jewelry?
  • Is your pre-boxed sterling line packaged better than your more expensive products?
  • Have you ever removed a ring from a box and had the ring pad come with it?
  • Do you use the same type of box as a competitor, a deep discounter or a chain store?
  • Are you being out-packaged by the competition?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it might be time for a switch. Call us at 800-828-2163 and we'll give you some ideas and send some samples.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

How Often Should You Change Your Packaging Color?

Never. Well, not really, but once you’ve established an identity and branded your business via color, why change? Ever see a blue Coke can?