Monday, November 24, 2008

American and European Box Styles

We get a lot of questions about American and European box styles, and the differences are quite simple. Essentially, the differences are in shape and outer coverings.

American styled boxes are metal shelled, and feature domed tops and radius corners, like the two pictures to the right. They are covered in a variety of fabrics, including classics like Velvet and Charisma Suede, and fashion-forward fabrics like Vienna and Suisse Elite Leather. Other interesting covering fabrics are Shadow Suede, Flannel and Bengaline. They are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, and can usually be purchased in smaller quantities. Delivery on most American styled boxes is pretty quick, usually two to three weeks.

European styled boxes, like the purple one below, are hard shelled also, but usually have flat tops and square corners. They are covered in a variety of leather-like papers, like Skivertex, Silktouch Nuba and Pellaq. They are most commonly made in the Orient, and accordingly, quality levels for this type of box vary greatly. High quality examples of these boxes are used by some of the finest jewelers in the world.

We stock a cool line of European boxes called Reveal, and these boxes are available in smaller quantities with quick delivery times (call 800-828-2163 for more information). Custom versions of European boxes are available in larger quantities (500 pieces per style) and can take up to 150 days to deliver.

Which style is better? It's impossible to say - there are devotees of both styles. The style that best represents you and your business is the best one to buy, whether it's American Copper Vienna Leather, or European Purple Silktouch Nuba. And we carry both!

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